Video shows Jackson mayoral candidate, former campaign worker in fight


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A recorded altercation between mayoral candidate Charlotte Reeves and her former campaign worker, Ashley Tosé, has been viewed by thousands. However, both women have a different story about what really happened on Wednesday.

“I was her campaign manager, communications coordinator, her social media manager, her digital marketing person,” said Tosé.

Reeves said Tosé was just an acquaintance or volunteer.

“She was helping me just with some social media for my campaign, and then all of a sudden it went downhill,” Reeves claimed.

Tosé said Reeves owed her money for her services.

“You said you wanted to be paid $20,000 out of the campaign, and I said absolutely, and I said you would probably get more because you’re doing an awesome job,” stated Tosé.

She claimed Reeves lied and defamed her for weeks. When Tosé saw Reeves car in the parking lot of a coffee shop, she went to confront her on Facebook Live, not fight.

“She went in this group and started reaching out to people and inboxing them, and you do that on my social media platform, then I’m going live on my social media to show them that you’re lying on me,” said Tosé.

But things escalated quickly.

“She put that phone right in my face, and I was scared that she was going to hit me. So I swatted at the phone to get it out of my face,” said Reeves.

Tosé said after Reeves hit her, she retaliated before leaving and filed a police report. She said she wants the lies to stop.

“You need to create a new message and stop defaming me, and I’m seeking punitive damages,” said Tosé.

Reeves said this will not stop her campaign, and she will continue pushing for unity in the community.

“Until we have unity in the community, we’re going to still be in this mess that we’re in now,” said Reeves.

Both women said they want to move forward from this incident. Reeves is one of eight candidates running for Jackson mayor. Election day is on June 8, 2021.

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