Volunteer firefighter saves family after multiple trees fall on home


CARTHAGE, Miss. (WJTV) – After multiple trees fell on a Carthage man’s home on Saturday, July 3, he is speaking out to express miracles do exist. 

Trapped inside after two trees fell on their home, Marcus Harris and his mother Selma didn’t know how they would get out. They said the man that saved them, before a third tree came crashing down, was God sent. 

That man is Christian Venzen. He’s a volunteer Carthage fireman and student track athlete at Belhaven who was off duty that night but still responded to this scene. 

Harris said he didn’t even see Christian come in the house. He was struggling to get his mother out and next, “we were floating towards the door” said Harris.

He said shortly after Christian got them out, the third tree fell onto the house.

Christian’s mother LaPatse Smith said Christian told her that at the scene he heard a voice telling him to “go.” So without hesitation, he went in, and single handily picked up both Harris and his mom and got them out. 

“It was nothing but God,” said Smith. She told her son that God was using Christian, and he sent his angels to carry everyone.

Christian was close to qualifying for the NCAA National track and field meet but was off by a few seconds. His mom said that if he would have made it, the odds of Christian being where the Harris’s needed him to be would have been slim.

Everyone made it out without a single scratch. Marcus said Christian has reached out daily to continue to help in any way that he can. 

Christian Venzen, left. Marcus Harris, right.

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