Voters react to candidates Reeves, Hood and find creative ways to engage with debate


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – In efforts to get more voters engaged with the debate Mississippi Today and the Political Science department of Millsaps College put on a watch party at the Barrelhouse in Fondren.

While Tate Reeves and Jim Hood take the stage in Hattiesburg to persuade their ideas for Mississippi’s future, people all across the state will be watching and here in Jackson are finding creative ways to engage.

Instead of watching alone on the couch voters left Thursday’s governor debate pleased with both candidates’ approach.

“Tate Reeves, in my opinion, was able to express more facts than what he did in the primaries against Waller and Foster,” Nathan Gatlin said.

“Jim Hood was superb I thought,” Ben Lewis said. “He came in on the offense and I was very impressed with that.”

From education to healthcare, infrastructure and more, most were pleased to see their biggest issues brought up.

“Rural hospitals, telemedicine is not going to fix rural hospitals,” Lewis continued. “People that I know in Yazoo City don’t have access to the internet so how are they going to their doctor. Talking about teacher pay, my parents raised me and they’re both teachers. They all worked so hard in the public education system and they spent so much of their own money. $1500 is a drop in the bucket.”

To keep viewers engaged and follow what each candidate discussed Mississippi today created a debate bingo game leading to door prizes if completed.

“Part of politics is what are people doing,” Dorsey Carson told us. “I mean it’s the public issue and so that was fun and for my nine-year-old daughter who was able to go up there and get a bingo card I thought it was clever and fun.”

Don’t forget election day for Mississippi’s general election is Nov. 5th from 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Make sure to stick with WJTV, your local election headquarters for the latest results in every race.

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