Waist deep flooding didn’t stop Jim Hill parents from getting kids out of school


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Flash flooding continued on Ellis Ave. and spreading down John R. Lynch St. cutting off businesses and schools. The district plus parents were on alert.

It all began where Ellis Ave. meets John R. Lynch St. in south Jackson. The creek which runs right below grew so high water rushed over the bridge cutting off the street and trapping drivers.

What’s usually a calm creek going unnoticed below city streets suddenly engulfed the roads sending cars underwater.

“If you go down Ellis Ave. turn around,” Paul Butler of Jackson said. “Just turn around. Because you can’t go down Ellis Ave. it’s totally flooded.”

Eventually the city put up road blocks to alter traffic, but some drivers already got themselves caught in the deep waters leading volunteers to get them out of their cars and fire fighters boating out to rescue everyone.

“It’s dangerous to cross it,” Ronnica Smith, a driver in the area told us. “So if you don’t need to be out here don’t come.”

The overflow of rain runoff continued up the street next to the Save-A-Lot allowing water to take over this part of Ellis Ave. and turned parking lots into ponds forcing businesses to resort to using sandbags and close down for the day.

This same flash flood eventually found its way to the campus of Jim Hill High and Isable Elementary school trapping students and staff inside.

“It’s scary because you cannot come and get them,” Smith said. “But they say they have boats to come and get them so that’s pretty happy.”

“They shouldn’t of had them kids at school today with this type of stuff going on,” Butler stated. “See that’s the problem, they should of left them kids at home today. But we don’t have control over the weather.”

At the floods height Isable Elementary had water backing up to its front doors, the students and staff had to be re-located to Blackburn Middle for the remainder of the day. Meanwhile Jim Hill never saw flooding inside the building but some anxious parents took it upon themselves walking through the flood to get their kids out of school early.

“I’m not worried about the water, my child comes first in my life,” Butler said. “Nothing else matters, my child comes first. We’re going to follow the pipeline, it’s nothing but getting wet it’s a little water it not going to hurt us. But I’m going to get my kids up out of there.”

Neighbors and students tell us flash flooding is a common scene outside the school in these weather conditions they’ve learned to think positive through it.

“Mostly I was just thinking I wanted to go swimming,” Jim Hill Freshmen Travionne Butler said.

As for the school day Wednesday Isable will operate out of Blackburn Middle. Buses will transport kids from their usual stops to the campus at 7:00 A.M. and 7:45 A.M. Jim Hill students and staff who commute will have to park at the Metro Center Shopping Complex before being bused to school at 7:30 A.M.

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