Waller, Reeves adjust strategy in GOP runoff for Governor


Tate Reeves and Bill Waller, Jr. will face off for a second time on August 27.

Both are adjusting their strategies, trying to find ways to attract votes from their former opponent Robert Foster’s camp in critically important DeSoto county and trying to turn out their own base of support for a second time.

And as 12 News Gerald Harris reports both are taking a more aggressive stance this time around.

After a close primary in the Republican race for governor there will be a runoff between Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and former Chief Justice Bill Waller Jr.

Reeves and Waller, a day removed from the election, gave some insight into how the next three weeks could potentially go and none of them are holding back on attacking each other.

“The electorate still voted 52 percent for change so we feel very very good about it,” Waller said.

Reeves said, “While I respect Justice Waller he is a good man but he is not a conservative.”

Waller who came in second in the primary said his focus policies will separate him from Reeves and get more support.

“He says everything is fine with education and the facts are we have over 1,000 teacher vacancies and we’ve got I think a one of the most obtuse systems,” Waller said.

Reeves moving forward will attempt to brand Attorney General Jim Hood and Bill Waller as the same.

“Both of those candidates are for ‘Obamacare’ expansion both Jim [Hood] and Bill Waller are for raising taxes on hard working Mississippians,” Reeves said.

The two Republicans say they will accept the support of Rep. Robert foster who came in last place.

Reeves and Waller also indicated that they are willing to debate.

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