Ward 4 City Council Candidates reflect on their campaigns


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The City of Jackson is covered in campaign signs for a number of races going on this Tuesday.

One of the most notable ones being for city council in Ward 4, as D’Keither Stamps’ reign comes to a close.

There are seven candidates running for the seat. Two of the candidates are Jacqueline Amos and Brian Grizzell.

Amos said she’s earned the ward’s vote because she is a proven leader on the local, state and national level and that the city council could use a little more girl power.

“I would be the first woman to serve Ward 4,” Amos said. “Only the fifth affrican american woman to serve on the council.”

Amos said that the road leading up to election day on the campaign trail has been challenging, but it’s been equally rewarding.

“Having someone open the door and go ‘hey I already know you!'” Amos said. “‘You have everyone in our household. You can just hold onto your push card because we’re voting for you anyway.”

One of those voters is Dino Terrell. He said he knows Amos will keep her promises.

“She’s in the community,” Terrell said. “She’s always been around even at election time. You always see her at the voting booth. She’s out, everybody else don’t be out.”

On the other side of the ward we have Brian Grizzell. He’s running against Amos. He explained why he is deserving of serving.

“I’m a hard worker,” Grizzell said. “I’ve been my neighborhood vice president, president, I’m currently a civil service commissioner representing Ward 4, I’ve been a planning commissioner representing Ward 4, I’m the only candidate in this race that has represented Ward 4 for the past seven and a half years.”

He said his mission, should he win, is to make sure everyone knows how much Ward 4 sparkles.

“Ward 4 is the jewel of Jackson,” Grizzell said. “The crown jewel of Jackson. There’s so much potential here. I love it.”

Much like Amos, Grizzell has a few fans of his own, like David Byrd.

“I been knowin’ him for a long time,” Byrd said. “He’s a good guy. I talk to him all the time. He’s a real hard worker and I know he’s gonna do stuff for the neighborhood.”

Both candidates seem to have a strong support system within their own neighborhoods.

Come election day, it’s all up to them.

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