U.S. officials confident Iran shot down Ukrainian jetliner


UPDATE: 1/9/2020 11:06 a.m.

(CBS News) – U.S. officials are confident Iran shot down a Ukrainian jetliner in the hours after the Iranian missile attack on U.S. targets earlier this week, CBS News has learned.

The Ukrainian International Airlines plane crashed Wednesday soon after takeoff from Tehran’s airport, killing all 176 people on board.

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) – Iranian investigators say the crew of the Ukrainian jetliner that crashed outside Tehran the previous day never made a radio call for help and was trying to turn back to the airport when the burning plane went down.

Iran’s civil aviation authority made the comments in a preliminary crash report released on Thursday. Wednesday’s crash killed all 176 people on board the Ukrainian jetliner, many of them from Iran and also Canada, but also of other nationalities.

The plane crashed just hours after Iran launched a barrage of missiles at U.S. forces. The timing of the disaster led to questions by some aviation experts, but Iranian officials blamed mechanical trouble.

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