ICYMI: Update on the search for Cupcake McKinney


Toddler has been missing for five days

Update 11:00 am – Investigators are looking for a man who may have information about what happened on the day the little girl was abducted.

They showed grainy surveillance video that showed, first, one man, then another passing by two children while they were playing. The second man stopped momentarily as if verifying the identity of one of the children.

Police hope the first person might be able to tell them something that will help in the investigation. The second man is a suspect. Detectives are asking the public to help identify both people.

Authorities thanked the press and then urged them to use additional caution, to verify and confirm before releasing any new information.

Birmingham police say the have still have hopes of finding the child. They continue to work specific areas with search dogs. Investigators say people in the neighborhood also continue to help by doing their own searches.

If you have any information that could lead police to the either person pictured in the video please contact Birmingham police at 205-254-2682.

BIRMINGHAM, Miss (WJTV) – Police in Birmingham, Alabama will be giving an update on the latest into the abduction of 3-year-old ‘Cupcake’ McKinney who was abducted five days ago during a birthday party.

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