JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – After several days of heavy rain across parts of Mississippi, flooding has become a major issue.

Jackson businesses and homes are experiencing high water levels. Neighbors in the Hightower community are hoping conditions will improve now that the Pearl River has reached a crest of 34.1 feet.

Todd Bowles, a neighbor living in the affected flood area said the more rain, the higher it floods.

“I think they let water out of the river, and it comes over here and gets in here. Every time it rains it gets really high. The manholes flood. It was blowing real bad the other day. Water was gushing out.”

According to Hinds County Emergency Management, when the Pearl River reaches 34.8 feet, the Hightower area is the first to experience minor flooding.

The National Weather Service says the Pearl River will crest at 35 feet Sunday afternoon. Barnett Reservoir officials continue to store water in the 33,000­ acre lake. Despite another heavy rain Saturday, forecast models showed no increase in the expected crest.