‘We know who did this to him we know,’ Mississippi inmates’ families say MDOC staff part of killings and cover-ups


MDOC has 'no information to add'

Tears and expression of frustration with the Mississippi Department of Corrections was made known on the steps of the Mississippi State Capitol

“I am hurt , I am tore apart I can not sleep at night,” said Diane Lewis the mother of Larry Walker AKA Big OSO.

Lewis and Linda Taylor are parents of two inmates M-DOC and the Sunflower County Coroner say killed themselves — the mothers believe otherwise.

“He has scratches on both of his arms —he has bruises up and down his arms and he was in a one man cell and if he hung himself that would not be on his body,” said Taylor

Lewis says she has pictures and video evidence her son did not kill his self.

“I pray you don’t have to go through it but we know who did this to him we know and I say I pray for you all at the same time but you got to pay for what you all did to my child,” said Lewis.

Other parents say their son was attacked for no other reason besides being there with no scars— he was sentenced to jail for stealing a cell phone — after being stabbed and no contact with them— he finally called and described the conditions M-DOC placed him in.

“He said Momma they operated on me and he felt everything and he said the pain was so—- he passed out his lungs was punctured,” Irma and John Oliver parents of John Oliver said. “They just released him not the other day from the hospital going back into population with a drainage.”

The family is concerned about possible infections and not getting proper treatment.

“You talk about the prisons are overcrowded well hell you got people in here that done 5 of a 7 year bid already let these people out send my son home send others home that have done their time,” John Oliver said.

In response to the allegations of staff assisting in the murders of inmates and covering up other alleged incidents the M-DOC released this statement:

“Because of pending litigation, the department has no information to add to your report. “

Attorney Carlos Moore from the Cochran Firm in the Delta is looking to get a preliminary injunction or restraining order placed on the prison because of what he calls deplorable conditions.

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