Weapons seized by Metro Narcotics officers taken to Adams County to be destroyed

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ADAMS COUNTY –  Metro Narcotics officers have taken seized weapons deemed “unsafe for resale” to the Adams County barn to be destroyed and disposed of.

The weapons were transported on July 14, 2015. Metro Narcotics Agent Lt. George Pirkey says,

“We bust drug dealers on a weekly basis and almost every bust yields drugs and weapons. We are meticulous with the evidence we seize and subject to random audits from the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. Over the past 2 years we’ve seized over 200 weapons, and so far we have about 30 slated for disposal, and about 100 slated for auction; the remaining 100 are being inspected now.”

According to an official release, seized drugs are taken to Jackson where the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics destroys them “according to official procedure.” Pirkey also says, the money for guns resold at public auctions helps to fund the Metro Narcotics Unit.

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