JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – This experiment shows how air pressure can make an egg fit inside of a bottle, and not by pushing it.

GRAB YOUR INGREDIENTS: a peeled hard boiled egg, a glass bottle, water, paper, and a lighter

NOTE: For the glass bottle, you want to be sure that the mouth is smaller than the egg so it doesn’t automatically fall through. For the paper, try newspaper or an old receipt if you’re struggling with copy paper.

STEP 1: Get a little water on your finger to wet the inside of the bottle and the egg itself

NOTE: Have help from an adult when using the lighter and dropping in the burning paper in Step 2.

STEP 2: Light the paper and drop it inside the bottle, burning side down

STEP 3: Quickly sit the egg on top and watch what happens

Science behind this experiment: Before we began, there was an equal amount of pressure pushing down on the egg and an equal amount of pressure inside the bottle, pushing up on the egg. So, nothing happened.  

When we added in the burning paper, the flame increased the pressure. As soon as the flame ran out of oxygen, the pressure decreased. Then, the egg began vibrating, because the heated air is rushing up past it. Which goes back to last week – hot air rises.  

So, the air pressure inside the bottle was decreased making the air on top greater. Because of this, it was successfully able to push the egg inside.  

MORE FUN: Reverse this and get the egg back out. How?  

STEP 4: Blow really hard to get air past the egg

Science behind this: Once the air is in, it will be blocked by the egg. This added air pressure will *hopefully* make the egg shoot out.