Website created by college students helps find in-demand items


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A group of college students teamed up to create a way to fight price gouging during the pandemic.

“We want people in Mississippi to not get ripped off.”

Emma Arrighini and several other college students from across the United States created a website and app extension, which was an idea created to combat the price gouging in the coronavirus pandemic.

“When we came home from college we noticed that due to covid we were witnessing our parents struggle to find groceries items and cleaning products, and watching the news back in March realized that this issue of inventory shortages is a lot more widespread.”

That’s when Instok was created a website that helps you find helps you find in demand items from hand sanitizer to electronics without having to hunt around town.

And it was successful, bringing on the creation of OctoShop.

“We were realizing that people are transitioning to online shopping rather than in person shopping, and we wanted to create a tool that makes them feel more comfortable with purchasing platforms that they may not have used in the past.”

Octoshop is a Chrome Extension that sits with you while you’re shopping online and sends an alert letting you know where the deals.

“When you’re looking at a specific item a little Octoshop icon will pop in the top of the screen indicating you can save X amount of money at another store or you could choose to track the item to see when it is in stock or if it drops in price.”

They are hoping to develop an app and have this message for college students in Mississippi interested in joining their efforts to provide help people through the pandemic.

“If you’re a college student or have some expertise reach out to us! we would love to either hear your feedback or any ideas you have to help us advance what we’ve created.”


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