West Jackson homeowners thankful to survive tornado day before Thanksgiving


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – On the eve of Thanksgiving homeowners off Clinton Blvd. are already feeling thankful for getting through a severe storm sending a tornado down their streets. The damage to property is still visible.

On this part of Hillsdale Dr., the power is back on but the clean-up process has a long way to go. Some homeowners are frustrated because some trees that were uprooted, they believe should have been cut down by the city a long time ago.

For Catherine Michael who’s lived along Hillsdale for over 30 years, the difference of one hour may have saved her life after she left for work and a tree came crashing through her roof where she sleeps.

“I probably would have been in that room that time of the morning,” Ms. Michael said. “Only God knows how much worse it could have been”.

The tree came from next door in the backyard of a home that’s been abandoned for almost 20 years. Ms. Michael and her neighbor said the trees also been rotting and made numerous calls to the city to cut it down.

“This tree here was sitting over her house and my house,” Brenda Williams told Councilman DeKeither Stamps. “And we did have these roofs replaced numerous times because this is a hazard.”

“I’m just disgusted you had to go through all this,” Councilman Stamps responded.

Councilman Stamps walked through some streets to assess the damage and assured the city will step up to help anyone impacted.

“I’m just disgusted in the response,” Councilman Stamps said. “We should have taken care of this a long time ago and now tearing this house down is going to be the easiest way to clean the debris up because the houses are so close together. You can’t get trucks and trailers back here to clean the trees up.”

For the homes that are accessible, tree cutters have been working around the clock this morning clearing homes for free as people volunteered to help neighbors save what they could.

“We did five since we’ve been here so with the holidays coming in we decided to come in and volunteer to help,” Von Mack of Von Tree Services said. “Some gave donations but we volunteered to help so everyone can go home and enjoy Thanksgiving.”

As of Wednesday night, Jackson Police have not reported any fatalities or serious injuries, but if you or someone you know has nowhere to go because of this storm you can call Jackson City Hall or your local council member and they will connect you with the Red Cross to make sure you have food and shelter going into Thanksgiving.

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