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As “We Will Go” continues to grow its ministry in Jackson, its Farish Street location stays busy year ’round. In the Summer, it’s home to Camp Hope, where more than 50 youngsters enjoy all the fun of a traditional camp in a safe and spiritual environment. WJTV 12’s Andrew Harrison shows us how in this afternoon’s “What’s Working.”

June and July are great months to be a kid. School is long over, but many children still need a safe place to get a good meal and have a little fun

Spots at Camp Hope fill up fast. Many of the campers live nearby. For about $1.50 a day, they can take part in tons of activities to keep them stimulated until the school resumes. Amy Lancaster is the Co-pastor at We Will Go Ministries. She says, “We do everything from healthy food, healthy snacks, lots of worship, lots of prayers, dancing, rec, swimming pool, you name it. It’s a full day, every day.” Many of the volunteers are from area churches. Mission trips abroad are important, but so is meeting the needs of the people in the Capital City.

Amy says, “The number one thing that we want people to come out of Camp Hope (knowing) is that they’re really loved by Jesus. That the family knows that, that God sees them.” The ministry has been in this neighborhood for 14 years. Camp Hope is just one part. Amy says, “We will go feeds about 1,000 people a month.” They also help with clothes, shoes and even job training. Money raised through the Urban Sip Coffee Shop and the various woodworking projects goes right back into the ministry. Amy and her husband believe that God put them on Farish Street to help, and they are not going anywhere.

Amy concludes, “If I don’t have it, I’m going to pray that God sends it, and I’m going to share what I’ve got. If we’ve got it, we’re going to give it away. We don’t have a big storehouse where we’re storing up. Some big warehouse and one day going to give it away. If you give it to us, we’re going to give it to somebody who needs it period. We’re going to give it away.” It’s what people have come to expect from We Will Go, and our city is that much better for it.

‘We Will Go’ is also buying and rehabbing homes around Farish Street. They’ve finished about a dozen so far. Their goal is to revitalize the entire area. I’m Andrew Harrison and that’s “What’s Working” in Mississippi this week.

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