What’s Working: DeBeukelaer Baking Company


MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) — You might not have known it, but Madison, Mississippi is home to a cookie factory that’s hollowed out a healthy chunk of the rolled wafer market in America.  DeBeukelaer Baking Company has been in Madison since the mid 80’s, and things are only getting better.

Pirouline Swirls are about to get much easier to find. The Madison based operation will become a fixture in 1,700 Walmart stores across America

Think of it as the place where Piroulines are born. Tens of thousands of them, every hour, every day. Not familiar with Piroulines? Allow cookie company President Peter DeBeukelaer to explain. He says, “It’s a rolled wafer that’s actually toasted,  and it is filled with cream and hazelnut cream, and we cut these to length, and there is a nice little stripe on there so you recognize the product when you buy it.”

DeBeukelaer’s operation has grown in size and efficiency through the years.

Peter remembers, ” We were looking for a central location, with a good work force and a close connection to our stores, our customers, so we could deliver a fresh product.”

High quality, American made products are exactly what Walmart is looking for these days. 1,700 stores, that’s phase one. The Madison facility can more than handle it.

Peter says, ” But like most of the time, they do better than that, and our experience is, that the product will grow, and if they put it in more stores, which we hope for, we will be able to create more jobs and things will be better than what we are thinking right now.”

That would be a delicious example of a homemade success story.

DeBeukelaer cookies feature a made in America logo right on the tin. And once again, if your Pirouline is wrapped with a swirl, the you know, you are eating a product that was toasted right in Madison, Mississippi.

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