What’s Working: Dinosaurs around the world


Have you ever wanted to visit Pangea and see the magnificent beasts that once roamed the supercontinent? WJTV 12’s Andrew Harrison takes us to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science for a massive new exhibit, millions of years in the making. Here’s tonight’s “What’s Working.”

Dinosaurs ruled the earth for a very long time, but that was a very long time ago. Now, there is a place in Jackson where you can see more than a dozen of them in all their prehistoric glory.

Some the most lifelike dinosaurs this side of the Jurassic period are standing tall at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. Imagine Exhibitions brought its dino show to town.

Andrea Falcetto is the Education Coordinator. She says, “We had a tractor. They came bubble-wrapped, you know with the lift to carry them across the field and drop them off. They had to put their legs on, one by one. We had people here in the field stitching.” The results are an eye-popping display of prehistoric power.

Andrea explains, “There are 13 animatronic dinosaurs that are going to make noise and move as you approach them, and they come with a map that shows where in the world they would have lived at the time.” Three of the dinosaurs are so big they wouldn’t even fit inside the museum. You’ll get a good look at the long extinct reptiles, but did you know that at least, some of them, had feathers?

Andrea adds, “They are amazing. They are so life-like. They move. There was an expert painter that came to do all the touchups to make them as realistic as possible.” If you get a little scared, don’t worry, these dinosaurs always stay behind their ropes.

Andrea concludes, “It’s got something for everyone inside. There are a few little crafty things. You can trace dinosaurs. You can color on a dinosaur.” The exhibit will stay on display until January so you have a few months to see the animals that once ruled the world.”

The exhibit also examines the interactions of different kinds of dinosaurs, and the role the environment played in their diets. I am Andrew Harrison and the Dinosaurs of the World exhibit at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science is “What’s Working” in Mississippi this week.

The museum also includes touchable fossils. Not only can you see the past, but you can also literally feel it.

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