What’s Working: Martial Arts with Jeremy Gordon


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – You don’t have to be a black belt to have heard of Bruce Lee. His conditioning, charisma and innovative fighting style brought martial arts to mainstream America in the late 1960’s. Now there is a man in the Metro who teaches, among other things, Bruce Lee’s “way of the intercepting fist”, and he learned from the very best.

Jeet Kune Do is literally “What’s Working” when it comes fighting. This uniquely American Martial Art, uses the principles of boxing and fencing, and it can be modified to fit a person’s size and athletic ability. It’s one of several martial arts that Sifu Jeremy Gordon excels at.

Jeremy Gordon is on the most accomplished martial artists you’ll ever meet. A record breaking hurdler at Jackson State, he’s been walking the path since he was about 4 years old. Along the way, he’s earned black belts from the best in the world.

Jeremy explains, ” Sifu Ted Wong was Bruce Lee’s protege, Bruce Lee’s sparring partner, close friend. They did a lot of things with each other, and got ranked directly from Bruce Lee. And Sifu Ted Wong was the one who gave me the authorization to teach the art of Jeet Kune Do.”

Jeremy, in fact, teaches a variety of disciplines. Wether it’s Brazilian jiu jitsu to Wingfield high schoolers or self-defense for seniors, Jeremy wants to help. You can find his fists and feet flying at places like Salsa a dance studio in Fondren or Boxers Rebellion training facility www.boxersrebellion.org , also in Jackson.

Jeremy elaborates, ” As they progress in the arts, you individualize the techniques and the skills based on a person’s ability; their height, their weight and any prior martial arts or athletic experience.”

Like most good things, you get out what you put in.

For Jeremy that means, ” (I) became more flexible, got my cardio stamina up. I got more strength. I became more confident in myself.”

That confidence has literally opened up the world for Jeremy. During his travels he’s picked up elements from every culture he’s encountered. He knows what’s works, and he’s willing to share.

Jeremy suggests hybrid kickboxing for his beginning students. It’s both a great workout and effective fighting style. If you stick with that for a while, and you are serious, Jeremy will teach you Jeet Kune Do. The way of the intercepting fist, is “What’s Working” in Mississippi this week.

Jeremy says any physical discipline can turn into an art form. He even works with break dancers!

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