What’s Working: The Clock Tower at Mississippi College


CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) — When you think of Clinton, the clock tower on the campus of Mississippi College is probably one of the first images that pops into your mind.

A lighting strike last Summer stopped the clock for a few months.

It took time, bricks and some tall scaffolding, but hands are moving, and chimes are ringing once again atop Nelson Hall.

It was a hot July evening, at 9:17, when a bolt from the heavens dealt a devastating blow smack dab in the middle of the MC campus

“There was a worship service going on inside, and all the lights went out, and then there was just signing, it was a very special moving experience for the students inside,” said Jim Turcotte is the Dean of Students.

Lightning sent heavy bricks smashing into the ground below. No one was hurt, but,

“Time stood still at Mississippi College,” he said.

In a matter of hours, news of the strike sent shock waves around the world.

Mary Elizabeth Stringer is a senior studying business administration.

“When the clock was struck, I actually was studying abroad through Mississippi College in Taipei, Taiwan. So, I didn’t find out about until the next day,” she said. “Some pictures that were taken through a security camera hit social media and Facebook and Twitter. It just kind of went viral.”

“It was kind of like an ant bed had been stirred up.,” said senior Brayden West. “Everyone was coming out to see the clock tower. There was actually pieces all over the sidewalk and what not.”

Repair work began in October, and because the clock towers so high above campus, workers had to scale some very tall scaffolding. Now their efforts are complete, and the landmark, you can set your watch by, is running like clockwork.

“We see it going to and from class, and so to hear those chimes, you know you need to step up your pace to get to class on time for sure,” West said.

“When we take students around on tours, it’s that big icon, that symbol of Mississippi College and what it means to be here to find your faith, find your future and find your family, which is our theme here at Mississippi College,” Stringer said.

In the wake of the lighting, some students created a Twitter account for the clock. You can follow them @MCClocktower.

In case you are wondering, Mississippi College is 191 years old. The clock tower came to campus in 1948.

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