What’s Working: The Lion King


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – You have three days to enjoy a taste of New York in your own backyard.

Hinds Community College’s montage theatre of dance performs the dance of Lion King.

It’s an original production that features an array of diverse works from residential and legendary chorographers.

Under the artistic directorship of Hind’s Community College’s Tiffany Jefferson, this original production takes place in a kingdom of lions in Africa and was influenced by the biblical tales of Joseph and Moses, and the Shakespeare play Hamlet and of course the Disney animated movie and Broadway musical The Lion King.

“One thing beautiful about the art form of dance is that we have various interpretations on it–so you are always going to see those classic favorites that you really enjoy–such as Mufausa, and his relationship with Simba. He just can’t wait to be king and then we have some really cool surprises/ Hyenas are doing a lot of circus work, they are on poles, you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see that,” Jefferson said.

The production encompasses ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, African dance, modern as well as tumbling.

WJTV’s own Andrew Harrison got in on some rehearsal time.

Enjoying holding Refeki’s staff and learning a few moves.

We aren’t sure though just what dance genre those moves fit with.

“Some people are hip-hop dancers, some are ballroom dancers, like me, and some are like classical ballet dancers.  so we all bring our own thing to the company. So that’s what makes it great,” Sarah Thames, a Hinds Community College student, said.

‘We just have an array of dancers and a lot of talent here. It’s a lot of fun.  It’s a great story. The lion king, nothing like The Lion King,” Bridgette Archer, a Hinds Community College student, said.

You may remember Jordon Jefferson.

He’s a senior at Callaway High School.

We did a ‘What’s Working story on him.

He’s not only on the football and track teams but he also excels at dancing.

He’s a part of The Lion King play and he’s playing the role of Simba.

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