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Red Light Therapy Could Help Your Skin

What's Working

  Staying active can be great for your body, but hard on your skin. Hours spent toiling in the Summer sun tend to leave their mark, but there is help available at your local gym.

  It certainly looks like a tanning booth, but your dermatologist won’t launch into a lecture if you spend a few minutes in a Beauty Angel Bed. Despite a shine brighter than July, these bulbs don’t put out any ultaviolet rays. With proper eye protection, this bed can’t hurt you. So what’s it good for? 

  Marcy Granger is the Assistant Manager is Club 4 Fitness in Flowood. She says, “It helps with age spots, skin spots, freckles, stretch mark, wrinkles, all that kind of stuff.”

   Marcy just described me to a T. Doctors have used concentrated red light therapy for years as way to increase collagen production. This bed takes a whole body approach. 

  Marcy advises, “About 3 times a week is pretty ideal.”

  Once your freckles start to fade you can dial it back a bit. The beds are popping up across the Metro including several Club 4 Fitness locations.

  Marcy concludes, “If you are doing anything where it is kind of harmful to your skin definitely use this, because it kind of helps that, in my opinion.” 
  I have been using the Angel Bed at least 3 times a week for the past month. I have to say that my skin does look better. I definitely have more color and a healthier glow. And lets face it, I need all the help I can get.

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