Over the last 35 years Wellsfest has grown into one of the top live-music events in Jackson. Great tunes and acres of family friendly fun are coming our away again this Saturday (9/29/18).

 Andrew at wall: 
Point your family car toward Boyll Park on Lakeland Drive.  After a pair of road races and a pet parade, the entire Wellfest Festival will be off and running at  10:00 a.m.  

  The 2018 WellsFest begins with a bang with a 5k, fun run and pet parade, then, Boyll park will be filled with crafts, games, food and music.

  Heather Hensarling is the Senior Pastor at Wells Church.

  She remembers, “When this started 35 years ago, it started as a gift of love to the community of Jackson just to say thanks and to say, ‘Community, let’s all get together and play’.”

  And play they have. Musicians take the stage and 10 a.m. and the tunes won’t stop until 4:30.

  Pastor Hensarling says, “For me, the music is great. You can dance. You can just sit and listen, but the lineup is really good this year.”

  As always. WellsFest is more than fun and games. Through the years it’s raised more than a million and a half dollars for deserving non profits. This year’s beneficiary is Growing up Knowing.

  Charles Williams is the beneficiary chair. He explains, “The application process is rigorous, but they just had such a great energy about their organization and so we just felt that they would provide the best impact for the community.”

  Growing Up Knowing gives children and their families the facts about their bodies. sex, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. There are 2 different, age appropriate programs. You can find out more at growingupknowing.org  

   Dana Larkin is the Executive Director for Growing up Knowing.

  She says, “We increase the communication between children and their parents and grandparents, and we’ve been told we are the only sex education program that engages multiple generations in every step of the education process.”

  Growing Up Knowing does not charge to partner with any community organization, so the money raised at WellsFest is vital for its ministry. You can find out more at growingupknowing.org

  Dana boils it down to this, “So we’re trying to get to the families of the children before they are engaging in risky behavior.”  

 That’s something to celebrate, and there’s no better place than WellsFest.

 Pastor Hensarling concludes, “The spirit and atmosphere is just always good and positive. There is something for everybody there as well.”   

  The Southeast Tourism Society recently named WellsFest as one of the Top 20 events for September 2018. Go on out and see for yourself. 

  There is no admission to get into WellsFest, and parking is also free.