What’s Working: Staying fit in the New Year

What's Working

It’s a little more than two weeks into the New Year. Research suggests that roughly 40 percent of Americans who made New Year’s Resolutions have already broken them. The good news is, it’s okay to give yourself a do-over or two. Long-term consistency is the key to success. 
  Quitting smoking, cutting back on the drinking, getting more sleep. They are all popular resolutions, with one thing in common, they make you healthier. And let’s face it. That’s really the most important thing. 
  Losing weight sits atop most New Year’s Resolution lists like a cherry tomato on a healthy salad.  2 weeks in, an unhealthy percentage of people have already put their diet on the back burner. 
  Dr. Timothy Quinn of Quinn Healthcare in Ridgeland thinks he knows why. He says, “You have to have the right motivation, and you have to have a plan.”  
  To that end, Dr. Quinn has developed what the calls the Q Diet. 
  He explains, “It consists of small meals every 3 hours throughout the day, and what that does is it speeds up your metabolism. It causes you to store less fat, and when you do eat, you’re not starving, so there is less chance you’ll overeat.” 
  Most of us wouldn’t mind looking better, but Dr. Quinn stresses that your health should be your top priority. 
  He says, “Decreased weight helps with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease. All these conditions are made better with good weight loss.”  
  The doctor advises trying to lose a pound or two a week. That can really add up in a few months, and you’ll stand a better chance of keeping off the weight.  
   He says,  “A lot of patients are really motivated in the beginning of the year, as the months go on, some people get discouraged, but I try to remind them to stick to it and stay persistent, and if they make that lifestyle change, they will be successful.” 
  That’s something that can keep you around for many New Years.  
  Don’t be afraid to give yourself a mulligan or two. Cheat meals happen, the most important thing is to get back on the wagon. 
  Dr. Quinn is also the Executive Director of the Mayor Lumumba’s Task Force for a Healthier Jackson. It’s committed to making Jackson a healthier place and is teaming with local churches to provide free health screenings for their congregations. 

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