Digital First: Wind Chill Explained


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Convection is defined as heat loss by air or water moving across the skin surface – so this is how our bodies lose heat.

When we have calm or light winds, some of that heat we naturally emit isn’t all blown away, allowing us to stay warmer.

Like in this example: the actual air temperature is 20° and with no wind, it feels like 20°.

On the other hand, higher winds strip heat away from the body more quickly. Think of blowing on hot food to cool it off.

For this example, we have the same air temperature of 20°, but with the 20 mph winds, it only feels like 4° to the skin.

This number is calculated by the wind chill equation, but if you aren’t into the math, you can trust Storm Team 12 to be here to keep you informed of wind chills expected with the artic air coming our way.

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