Woman claims the Devil chased her into underground pipe in front of Pearl library


PEARL, Miss. (WJTV) — A woman got stuck in an underground pipe outside the Pearl Library Monday evening.

She told police that she went into the drainage pipe because the Devil chased her in there.

Lt. Brian McGairty said officers were called to the scene around 6:20 p.m. on Old Brandon Road. They were told that at a woman was stuck in an inlet 24-inch pipe underground in front of the library.

A local boy scout troop called police after they heard the woman screaming for help. The troop was there because they had a meeting at the library.

Lt. McGairty said the woman is about 100 pounds and is 26 years old.

She was able to navigate her way out of the pipe by the time first responders arrived on scene. That’s when she told officials that she went into the drainage pipe because the Devil chased her in there, according to police.

Once she was out, they asked her why she went into the inlet drainage pipe and her response was the devil chased her in there, police said. She was taken to hospital for a physical and mental evaluation.

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