Woman praises nurses and Warren County Sheriff for “acts of kindness”


A Chicago woman is thanking local nurses and the Warren County Sheriff for taking care of her grandmother Saturday night.

Erica Luster made a Facebook post about the encounter.

She mentioned while her family attended a banquet in Vicksburg, her grandmother Rosa Shields had chicken go down the wrong pipe.

There at the banquet were nurses and Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace.

Luster explained after nurses administered the heimlich, they still wanted Ms. Shields to go to the hospital for precautionary measures.

During that time, they received a surprise visitor at the hospital.

“When we got to the hospital he [Pace] met us there, and he stayed there the entire time. Talked to us, laughed and talked… I’m from Chicago so we talked about Chicago. He just stayed there to make sure she was okay, and I just thought that was a big deal.”

Luster says her grandmother is doing much better and calls Pace a “genuine person.”

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