Woman stuck in floodwater looks for “Guardian Angel”


Jackson, Miss.–One woman is thankful to be alive after getting stranded in floodwater in Jackson.

As WJTV’s Lucy Dieckhaus explains, that woman wants to thank the people who saved her life.

Jean Frazier tells us she can’t thank the people enough who stopped to pull her out of her floating car because they didn’t consider who she was or what she looked like but only that she needed their help.

“She just told me to roll down my passenger window and she was not going to let me go,” said Frazier.

Jean Frazier is looking for a woman she calls her guardian angel.

“A young lady with a blue t-shirt and blue denim jeans wading through what could have been three or four feet of water grabs me by the arm and says you know what you are not going down i got you, hold on,” said Frazier.

After Frazier saw two cars drive through water on Industrial Drive, she thought she could make it too, but her car got stuck.

“I proceed to follow what i did not anticipate was an 18 wheeler that brought with it a wall of water and I said okay god we got this,” said Frazier.

She then called 9-1-1 and the operator told her this.

“Do whatever you have to do to get safe.. That scared me,” said Frazier.

By the time emergency crews showed up, the strangers who helped were already gone.

“Everything unfolded so quickly when fire and rescue came everyone was bringing out towels and pulling the car out when i went back to find and thank this guardian angel who appeared from nowhere she was nowhere to be found,” said Frazier.

And Frazier says she wants to thank the people who helped save her life, but for now she’s also thankful it’s all over.

“Very very grateful to be on dry land,” said Frazier.

As we said, Frazier is looking for the people who stopped to help her.

She’d like to personally thank them. You can call our newsroom at 601-720-4729 or 601-372-6311


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