Emergency management tests weather sirens in Hattiesburg

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HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) The City of Hattiesburg and emergency management leaders conducted a city-wide test of the weather sirens on Monday.

Leaders said the siren tests ensure systems are engaging properly during severe weather warnings. The emergency management department is preparing for severe weather and hurricane season by testing the six sirens within city limits. Twice a year, the city joins the National Weather Service (NWS) in a statewide test. Earlier this year, Hattiesburg experienced bad weather during the statewide testing and decided it was not a good time to test the sirens to avoid confusing people.

According to emergency leaders, the sirens will go off 15 to 30 minutes in advance of the tornado. They said the purpose of the sirens is to emphasize a tornado for people who are outside.

“Everybody needs to not rely on the tornado sirens alone. You need to have multiple ways to receive that tornado warning. A NOAA weather radio is a great thing to have. Whenever a tornado warning goes to a particular county, that radio activates. There’s a tone, gives you the location of the tornado, which direction its going in. Same way with weather apps. There’s a ton of apps you can get on your phone. Also you want to have the emergency wireless activated on your phone,” said Emergency Management Director Glenn Moore.

Hattiesburg Fire Department staged trucks at each of the siren locations to confirm working status. Reports confirm all were in working status.

The sirens are located throughout the city limits of Hattiesburg, with approximately a 3-mile radius for reach at each. They are located at:

East 7th + Main Street
William Carey University
Hattiesburg + Cox Streets
Tatum Park
Thames Elementary
Classic Drive

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