HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – Shelby Davion was hospitalized last week after suffering COVID complications. Her father, Jamey Davion, explained their journey.

“Talk about seconds minutes what they did at Forrest General Hospital to mobilize the flight team and get her prepped and ready to get on that helicopter absolutely saved her life,” he stated.

Shelby’s father said they’re thankful for all the support they received from Temple Baptist Church.

“It has been overwhelming what we have felt. Just the prayers and the gifts and the financial assistance. They’ve given us just to help. It’s just been overwhelming what they have done for us,” said Davion.

Her father said it’s a miracle she is still here.

“It’s phenomenal what we have seen Shelby do. From being in a comatose state, to walking yesterday, to drawing to asking for lipstick, to asking for perfume. Our hearts are overwhelmed with what the Lord has done in her life,” said Davion.

Shelby is now on the road to recovery.

“To see those pictures of support just really uplifted our spirits. And now Shelby is awake, and Shelby is able to see those photos and see the videos, and just to see her smile, it just warms my heart.”

Her family said Shelby is now stable and doing well.