Protect yourself from cyber attack on Cyber Monday

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HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – Cyber Monday is one of the best times to shop online for great deals, but it is also a time that some criminals use to steal your personal information.

William Tischler, Director of Information Technology at Keesler Federal Credit Union, explained, “Identity thief is a life-changing event it can take years to recover from identity theft. Sometimes it takes years just to catch the person and stop the financial bleed, and then it takes another seven years to take the damage off of the credit report.”

If you want to know if you’re shopping on a secure site, look right before the web address. There should be a lock symbol. The symbol means your information is kept private.

“That’s not 100% guarantee. but that’s a minimum you should look for, especially if you’re doing financial transactions. You can use a lot of browsing tools that are add on to browsers Google Chrome, Firefox those things have controls built-in back and help categorize sites from malicious activity,” said Tischler.

You should also try to avoid using direct bank account information, like debit cards and routing numbers.

“What are things that you can do. Myself included is that if I’m going to shop online I use Keesler federal‘s credit card because a credit card transaction is a lot easier to dispute than someone who just takes money out of your bank account because you used your debit card. So, I always shop online with my Keesler federal credit card,” said Tischler.

You should also be mindful about how much of your personal information you share on social media.

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