Students at Purvis Middle School volunteer for its annual service day

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HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – Students at Purvis Middle School volunteering their time by decorating bags filled with snacks and care products for its annual service day.

“It’s nice that we can all come together to help people that are less fortunate than us or have less stuff than us and it just feels really good to know that their are people that we are helping with what we are doing,” said Alex Randall, student at Purvis Middle School.

For the past six years students at Purvis Middle School have used their time for more good in the community.

“It is difficult, because it’s harder to get things for our selves, I feel like sacrificing that little bit is what makes you who you are,” said Eli Safo, student at Purvis Middle School.

More than 400 students volunteered this year for its annual service day.

“When watch them and the way it transforms them when they get to serve others, when they get to meet a need that they themselves might have but they can meet it for someone us it lets them kind of understand that the world is bigger than our small community,” said Phyliss Deveroe, seventh grade teacher at Purvis Middle School.


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