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Which hoodies are best for men?

When it comes to versatility, few items of clothing can top the hoodie. It can work as outerwear in cool weather, a layering piece in cold weather, and a comfy top for plenty of casual occasions. Hoodies for men are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, designs, and fits, so you can find the best option to suit your personal style. It all comes down to choosing a hoodie that meets your personal preferences and fits as it should.

Our buying guide is full of tips to help you find the best hoodie for your closet. We’ve even included some specific product recommendations at the end, like our top choice from Champion, which has a convenient kangaroo pocket and is available in an array of colors.

Considerations when choosing hoodies for men

Use and material

When you’re shopping for a hoodie, the first thing to decide is how you plan to wear it. If you mainly wear your hoodie for relaxing or lounging around the house, comfort should be your main consideration, making a cotton or polyester hoodie your best bet. However, if you want a hoodie to wear while working out, you want a style that’s moisture-wicking and breathable. Poly-cotton and wool hoodies are both excellent options.

If you want a hoodie that can keep you warm in cold weather, look for one made of a thick material that’s both weather- and wind-resistant. You can even find some with a lining. Fleece and wool are good material options.

If your main concern is fashion, you may want to look for a style from a designer brand. Hoodies made from cashmere or merino wool often fit the bill.


Hoodies for men are available in a few different fit options. Regular fit hoodies offer a straight, relaxed fit. These work well for most casual events. Oversized hoodies aren’t necessarily any larger in the chest and arms but feature a longer bottom hem, giving them a loose fit that works well for relaxing or styling a streetwear look.

A slim-fit hoodie offers a tighter overall fit. It’s still pretty comfortable, but it tends to have a more polished look. If style is your goal, tailored hoodies have a slimmer fit at the waist, which provides a more fashionable look overall.


Hoodies for men come in most traditional sizes, including small, medium, large, X-large, and XX-large. Some styles even come in extra-small, 3X, 4X, and 5X options. Always check the sizing chart for any hoodie you’re considering to see what size will fit you best.

Hoodies for men features

Pullover vs. zip-front

Some hoodies feature a pullover sweatshirt style. If you get too warm, you have to remove the entire hoodie to cool off.

Other hoodies have a zipper down the front, which makes them much more convenient for layering. If you get warm, you can just open the zipper to get a little more air.

Pockets vs. kangaroo pouch

Most hoodies have some type of pockets, so you can carry small items like your phone and wallet. The best pockets are deep and feature zippers, reducing the risk of losing important items.

Some hoodies feature a single large pouch in the front to serve as a pocket for your personal items or to tuck your hands in to keep them warm in colder weather.


The majority of hoodies feature long sleeves, but you can find some styles with three-quarter length sleeves, short sleeves, and even no sleeves. Select a style that best suits your personal style and the climate you wear it in.


There’s no shortage of color options when you’re shopping for a hoodie. Black, gray, and navy are classic neutral options, but you also can find hoodies in bright, bold shades like red and purple, as well as lighter colors like white or light blue.


If you want something more than a solid-colored hoodie, you can find plenty of styles that feature graphic designs or brand logos. These hoodies are usually a little pricier than plain styles, but you may prefer a design that stands out.

Hoodies for men price

You can pay anywhere from $20-$200 for a hoodie for men. You can find some styles for less than $20, but they usually aren’t the highest quality. A high-quality hoodie that’s warm and stylish typically goes for $35-$100. Designer hoodies can go for as much as $200.

Hoodies for men FAQ

Q. What type of shirt can I wear under a hoodie?

A. You can wear nearly any shirt you’d like under a hoodie, though you don’t want to choose one that’s too bulky or thick. T-shirts obviously work well, but you can also wear a basic button-down.

Q. How should my hoodie fit?

A. No matter what type of hoodie you choose, the overall fit should be comfortably relaxed. The bottom hem should hit just below your waist, and the cuffs should hit right at the wrist.

Hoodies for men we recommend

Best of the best

Champion Men’s Graphic Script Powerblend Hoodie

Champion Men’s Graphic Script Powerblend Hoodie

Our take: A warm, comfy hoodie that’s ideal for running or workouts and holds up to repeated wear.

What we like: Made of a comfortable cotton and polyester blend. The hood has an adjustable drawstring. Features a kangaroo pocket in the front. Available in several shades and a range of sizes.

What we dislike: Sizes run large, so you may need to size down.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best bang for your buck

Popfunk Jaws Shark Movie Poster Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt

Popfunk Jaws Shark Movie Poster Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt

Our take: An amazing hoodie for Jaws fans that comes with collectible stickers.

What we like: Features a soft cotton and polyester blend. Available in three different colors and two different designs. Front pouch pocket is generously sized.

What we dislike: Has specific washing directions that can make cleaning it more difficult.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Nike Men’s Sportswear Club Logo Pullover Hoodie

Nike Men’s Sportswear Club Logo Pullover Hoodie

Our take: Available in a range of colors, this hoodie is versatile enough for wearing out or lounging around at home.

What we like: Made of a comfy cotton and polyester fleece blend. Features a front pocket and drawstring hood. Available in a variety of color options. Machine-washable.

What we dislike: Fleece elements can pick up a lot of lint.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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