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Are Tommee Tippee or BIBS pacifiers best? 

If you have a baby or if you have ever had to take care of one, you might be familiar with the importance of the pacifier. The pacifier can help calm down a fussy baby, help them go to sleep or just help with their suck reflex. It is one of the most vital accessories to have in the diaper bag.  

Two of the most popular brands for the pacifier are Tommee Tippee and BIBS. They both offer excellent pacifiers, but better price and availability, as well as more options in sizes, make the Tommee Tippee pacifiers a slightly better overall product.

Tommee Tippee pacifier

Tommee Tippee offers a variety of childcare products, including feeding bottles and several kinds of pacifiers designed for different age groups. It’s a U.K. brand, but its pacifiers are made in China, so they’re more affordable than some other international brands. A typical Tommee Tippee pacifier is priced between $9-$15. 

Tommee Tippee pacifiers are designed to bend and move to mimic the natural feel of a mother’s nipple. This design lets babies easily get used to the pacifier whether they are breastfeeding or using a feeding bottle. The material used for Tommee Tippee pacifiers is high-quality, food-grade silicone.

Tommee Tippee pacifier pros

  • They allow for the baby’s natural jaw development as the pacifiers are designed to be orthodontically correct.
  • They’re available for different age groups, letting parents choose from a variety of sizes and types of nipple.
  • The natural nipple-like shape of the pacifiers lets babies who breastfeed feel natural and comfortable using them.

Tommee Tippee pacifier cons

  • For some smaller or younger babies, the smallest size of Tommee Tippee might not be small enough.
  • Some competitors offer microwave-safe sanitizer pods with their pacifiers. Tommee Tippee doesn’t.

Best Tommee Tippee pacifiers

Tommee Tippee Pick-a-Paci Pacifier

Tommee Tippee Pick-a-Paci Pacifier

This product is designed to be ultra-lightweight, making it comfortable for the baby to use for an extended time. The orthodontic design, including an asymmetrical nipple, allows for natural oral development of the baby. 

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Tommee Tippee Every Day Pacifier

Tommee Tippee Every Day Pacifier

This pacifier’s medical-grade silicone nipple is soft, safe and reversible. The curved shield helps protect the baby’s chin and nose and keeps moisture from building up. 

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BIBS pacifiers

BIBS pacifiers are designed and made in Denmark. Their price is around $10-$20, but there is a high-end version that is more expensive. The company specializes in pacifiers but also offers other baby-care accessories. 

There are four basic pacifier designs offered by BIBS: Couture, whose nipple is orthodontically shaped; Colour, which has a round nipple; Supreme, whose nipple is flat and symmetrical; and De Lux, with a round nipple, a bigger front and a second handle you can write a name on before dropping the baby off at daycare.

BIBS pacifiers pros

  • There are a large variety of nipple options.
  • The pacifier’s classic design makes it instantly recognizable, offering a premium look.
  • The shields used on BIBS pacifiers are made from food-grade material that is free of both polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, and bisphenol-A, or BPA — both of them chemicals that have been linked to health risks. 

BIBS pacifiers cons

  • Compared to other pacifiers on the market, BIBS pacifiers are more expensive.
  • The natural latex pacifiers can become cloudy over time, making them look dirty.
  • There are limited sizes.
  • The soft and flexible material makes them vulnerable to being torn or bitten by the baby.

Best BIBS pacifiers

Bibs BPA-Free Baby Pacifier Natural Rubber

BIBS BPA-Free Baby Pacifier Natural Rubber

The natural rubber material allows for a natural feel for the baby and high endurance for maximum longevity. The color might deteriorate over time, but the product will remain safe and clean for use. It is available in several colors. 

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Bibs Supreme Baby Pacifier

BIBS Supreme Baby Pacifier

The design of the Supreme series is optimized for airflow so the area remains dry. The flat-shaped nipple is ideal for the proper jaw development of the baby. 

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Should you get a Tommee Tippee or BIBS pacifier?

Both BIBS and Tommee Tippee pacifiers receive excellent reviews and are popular with parents. BIBS offers great design for its pacifiers, including a ring on the shield that allows the baby to easily hold on or remove the pacifier without help. 

Tommee Tippee pacifiers offer more sizes and are more widely available. They are also less expensive and come in different shapes. They also offer extra features such as anti-static and anti-dust properties. 

Both Tommee Tippee and BIBS have built a strong reputation through decades of great, quality products, but the lower price, wide availability and more options make Tommee Tippee pacifiers a better choice for most babies.


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