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Which storage beds are the best?

Whether you’re looking to save the maximum amount of space in a small apartment or you want to store away all your child’s toys and games in the same convenient spot, a storage bed is exactly what you need. Most storage beds are fairly small to save the most space possible but don’t worry, you can find large storage beds too.

The best storage bed is the DONCO Kids Low Study Loft Bed, Dark Cappuccino. While quite small being compatible only with a twin-sized mattress, three available drawers give tons of storage space and the wood finish looks gorgeous in any home.

What to know before you buy a storage bed

The following is an introduction to storage bed considerations; for more information, visit the storage bed buying guide from BestReviews.


The most common material used in any kind of bed construction is various types of wood, and that statement holds true for storage beds. Not all wood storage beds are created equally, with cheaper wood and construction being far more prone to damage and warping. Read customer reviews to know if that’s an issue with the storage bed you’re interested in. Metal is also quite common, but generally speaking, a good quality wood is what you’ll want to search for.


Storage beds are typically fairly small as they’re meant to save you the maximum amount of space possible. Compatible mattress sizes are usually twin or twin XL. That doesn’t mean large storage bed sizes in the king and queen range don’t exist, but those size storage beds usually sacrifice maximum storage space for the extra mattress room. 

Weight limit

When shopping for a storage bed, pay careful attention to the maximum weight limit, even when shopping for a twin or twin XL size storage bed. Beds built for children save materials and keep costs down by building the storage bed with intentionally lower weight limits since the extra sturdiness isn’t necessary.

What to look for in a quality storage bed 


It’s in the name of the product, but that doesn’t mean storage is created equally. Storage beds of various quality can include any number of drawers and extra storage nooks and crannies. Some beds have all their storage underneath and are accessed by lifting the entire bed up on hinges. Choose your storage bed carefully to make sure you’ll have enough space.

Trundle beds 

Some storage beds include an extra trundle bed you can pull out for guests. Storage beds built and marketed to children often have trundle beds to make it as easy as possible to host your children’s sleepovers.

Headboards and footboards 

Some storage beds add aesthetic value and even more storage by also including headboards and footboards. These can be sheets of wood or plywood, upholstered designs or even bookcase-style nooks and crannies.

How much you can expect to spend on a storage bed 

Storage beds have a wide range of costs that change based on available storage, construction material, weight limits and sizes of compatible mattresses. Prices usually start around $300, though some can cost even less; maximum costs, however, can clear $1,000 easily.

Storage bed FAQ

Do mattresses come with the storage bed or do I need to buy one separately?

A. Storage beds very rarely, if ever, include the mattress with the storage bed frame, so keep that in mind when shopping for pricey storage bed options.

Do storage beds need to be assembled or do they arrive fully built?

A. Most storage beds arrive in pieces in a single box to make shipping as easy as possible. It also makes it much, much easier to get the storage bed into your home if it arrives in pieces.

Do I need to have any extra tools to assemble my new storage bed or will it come with the tools I need?

A. Most furniture that comes in pieces in a box will include everything you’ll need to put all it together — usually an Allen wrench and screws. It never hurts to have a screwdriver readily available, though!

What’s the best storage to buy?

Top storage bed

DONCO Kids Low Study Loft Bed, Dark Cappuccino

DONCO Kids Low Study Loft Bed, Dark Cappuccino

What you need to know: The perfect bed for toddlers, this solid wood storage bed tucks against the wall and has three drawers for maximum space savings.

What you’ll love: You won’t need to buy a box spring with this storage bed — it’s ready and waiting for a mattress to be placed on top.

What you should consider: The backend exposes the drawers and it will not work with twin XL mattresses.

Where to buy: Amazon and Home Depot


Top storage bed for the money

DHP Cambridge Upholstered Linen Platform Bed

DHP Cambridge Upholstered Linen Platform Bed

What you need to know: If you don’t like the look of drawers underneath your bed, then this lifting storage bed is a sleek and modern choice for you.

What you’ll love: Gas lifting mechanisms make opening your storage bed very easy.

What you should consider: The lifting mechanism can be difficult to fully close and it makes accessing your storage a bit challenging.

Where to buy: Amazon


Worth checking out

Storkcraft Marco Island Full Captain's Bed with Trundle

Storkcraft Marco Island Full Captain’s Bed with Trundle

What you need to know: This storage bed is a confidently made and easy-to-assemble choice for saving space.

What you’ll love: An additional trundle bed hidden underneath makes hosting guests as easy as wheeling it out.

What you should consider: The weight limit for this storage bed is only 200 pounds, making it a bad choice for adults.

Where to buy: Amazon


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