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The list of premium features that the Pixel Buds Pro offer are likely to give them a future as an industry leader

Best Google Pixel Pro Earbuds

The Google Pixel Pro Earbuds have hit the market, and audiophiles are raving about the features and sound quality that make them contenders for other top-selling options. 

You may be familiar with Google’s Pixel Buds A-Series, which is competitively priced and produce decent sound. However, if you want a memorable listening experience, the Pixel Buds Pro are next-level truly wireless earbuds that may very well earn a spot among other top earbuds in their class. For your convenience, we’ve also included information about Apple Airpods Pro, Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, Sony Noise Canceling and other popular options in this article.  

Pixel Buds Pro versus Pixel Buds A-Series

One of the biggest selling points of the Pixel Buds A-Series is the cost. At about half the price of the Pixel Buds Pro, they are a good choice for anyone on a budget who wants notable sound and some user-friendly features, including Google Assistant, reliable Bluetooth connectivity and up to 24 hours of listening time with the case. However, the Buds Pro outshines its more affordable cousins with these and a host of new features. The ones that impressed us the most will likely convince you to try these premium wireless earbuds. 

Active noise cancellation 

The Pixel Buds Pro is the first Google earbuds to offer active noise cancellation. Proprietary Silent Seal technology blocks outside noises for an immersive listening experience. The result is clear, balanced audio quality. 

Transparency Mode

Transparency mode is also a new feature for Google buds. Thanks to specialized microphones, this function allows you to hear outside noises when necessary without interfering with the sound quality produced by the Buds Pro.  

Volume EG 

This intuitive feature automatically adjusts the lows, middles and highs of sounds every time you adjust the volume. The result is balanced sound regardless of how soft or loud you like it. 

Long battery life 

Another thing that will impress you about Google’s newest earbuds is the battery life. You’ll get around seven hours or more with the ANC engaged and up to 31 hours when it’s turned off. Additionally, Buds Pro charges quickly and is compatible with wireless charging for even faster performance. 

Multipoint connectivity 

If you like pairing your earbuds with more than one device, you’ll love that the Buds Pro has multipoint connectivity. It’s seamless to set up and navigate from device to device and is a must-have feature for multi-taskers.  

Moisture resistance

Not only are the Buds Pro moisture-resistant, but so is their charging case. This is an improvement from the Buds A-Series. 

Comfortable fit  

The Buds Pro has flexible ear tips that adjust to the shape of the ear. Additionally, built-in sensors prevent a heavy or plugged feeling in the ear canals. The result is a customized fit that lasts through hours of wear. 

Stylish design 

While sound quality and fit are important for earbuds, so is the design. Google’s flagship buds have an attractive, low-profile look and are available in several stylish colors to fit your mood and personality. 

Other earbuds to consider

Considering the features Google Pixel Pro Earbuds have to offer, they are definitely worth the investment. However, they aren’t for everyone. Whether you are looking for a pair from a different brand or one that is available at a lower price point, several other truly wireless earbuds are worth considering. 

Best Apple Airpods Pro

Apple Airpods Pro

Airpods have long been popular among sound enthusiasts for their clear, balanced sound and outstanding noise cancellation. Like the new Pixel Buds Pro, they also have transparency mode that allows you to hear surrounding noises. The comfortable fit is also a welcome feature. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

These wireless earbuds stand out for their lightweight design, making them extremely comfortable. At about 29 hours, they rival the Buds Pro battery life. The crisp, clear sound also has awesome bass. Although they are lacking when it comes to resisting moisture, this isn’t a  deal-breaker for most users. 

Sold by Amazon 

Best Sony Noise Canceling

Sony Noise Canceling

Immersive sound and impressive noise canceling technology put these Sony wireless earbuds at the top of the list of competitors. They charge quickly and wirelessly and have reliable Bluetooth connectivity that rarely experiences drops. These features come at a price, as they are one of the priciest options available in this class. 

Sold by  Amazon

Best JBL Reflect Flow

JBL Reflect Flow

The lack of touch controls may be a deal-breaker for some users, but these earbuds have features that make up for what they don’t have. You’ll get decent audio quality, a waterproof build, long battery life and a trim, comfortable fit. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Beats Studio Buds

Beats Studio Buds

Although affordable, Studio Buds by Beats offers active noise canceling and transparency mode features. They also do a good job resisting moisture, pair with ease and offer excellent compatibility with both Android and Apple. 

Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s 

Best Razer Hammerhead

Razer Hammerhead

Don’t let the bulky design of these earbuds deter you if you want many features in an affordable package. More than 30 hours of battery life, gaming functions and active noise cancellation are part of their notable feature set. 

Sold by Amazon

Bose QuietComfort

Bose QuietComfort

These earbuds stand out for their easy-to-use controls that simplify choosing your favorite settings. They offer a stylish design and comfortable fit plus active noise canceling and transparency mode. Their numerous features compensate for the average battery life that you’ll get per charge. 

Sold by Amazon  

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