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What’s the best sleep support supplement?

Sleeping is the body’s repair and recovery process. Waking up from a good night’s sleep with energy and clarity of mind is an invigorating feeling. And since poor sleep can harm physical and mental health, fighting insomnia and supporting restorative sleep are important.

Sleep supplements are made with natural ingredients designed to calm the mind and relax the body. For its multi-ingredient formula that helps you sleep longer, the best sleep support supplement is the Dr. Mercola Sleep Support with Melatonin.

What to know before you buy a sleep support supplement

What is a sleep support supplement?

Many people suffering from low-quality sleep need a boost of natural ingredients that have been used naturopathically for centuries to help the body help itself.

Sleep support supplements relax muscles and calm the mind. They slow the heart rate and reduce stress throughout the body.

When to take a sleep support supplement

A considerable percentage of Americans don’t experience regular restful sleep. According to the National Institutes of Health, one in three adults suffers from insomnia.

Poor sleep has many effects on our bodies, according to the Cleveland Clinic. It can alter concentration and mood. It also can increase blood pressure and the risk of a cardiovascular event. It even hampers our immune system’s defenses against illness.

When you feel like your quality of life is being damaged by poor sleep, it may be time to consider a sleep support supplement. Consult your health care provider for guidance.

Types of sleep support supplements

There are two types of sleep support supplements:

  • Natural sleep supplements are available over the counter and are made from natural ingredients. They do not contain any controlled substances or synthetic chemicals made in a laboratory. Most include herbal and plant-based ingredients that have been used for centuries to treat sleep disorders. Some include other ingredients designed to work in tandem to relax the body.
  • Synthetic sleep supplements are created in a laboratory. Some are sold over the counter, but these are usually antihistamines that trigger initial drowsiness. Prescription sleeping pills are powerful sedatives that shut down the brain, but they can be habit-forming and have other negative side effects. Always consult your health care provider to discuss the benefits and risks of synthetic sleep aids.

What to look for in a sleep support supplement


Sleep support supplements come in three distinct forms.

  • Capsules and tablets are the most common but can be difficult to swallow. They also can have strong flavors and an aftertaste.
  • Liquid supplements are easy to swallow and quickly absorbed by the body.
  • Chewable edibles come as gummies or baked goods that contain natural ingredients and are easily swallowed.


Melatonin is the best-known natural sleep supplement. It is a hormone produced in the brain that increases at night to signal the body to slow down. Melatonin doses range from 1 to 10 milligrams. It may take some trial and error to find the right dose for you.

Other ingredients

  • L-theanine is an amino acid from tea leaves that relaxes the body.
  • Lavender is most commonly used as an essential oil for aromatherapy, but the sweet-smelling flower also can be found in capsules and tea. It’s known for reducing stress.
  • Valerian root is an herbal treatment that induces drowsiness. It comes in capsule form, although valerian root tea is available for those who can tolerate its strong smell and taste.
  • Chamomile is an herbal remedy to slow down a busy mind. It comes in a flavorful tea or capsule.

Free of allergens

Look for supplements that are manufactured without common allergens such as gluten, soy, dairy and nuts. Non-GMO and vegan products also have high standards in how they are produced.

How much you can expect to spend on a sleep support supplement

A month’s supply costs $5-$30, affected by the number of doses per container and the complexity of the ingredients. Liquid supplements usually cost more than pills and edibles.

Sleep support supplement FAQ

What are ways to naturally increase melatonin at night?

A. One of the best ways to help your brain stimulate melatonin at night is to turn off your TV, computer and smartphone at least an hour before bedtime. The blue light emitted from these devices keeps the brain operating at full speed and may delay your falling asleep.

What are other ways to improve sleep?

A. Avoid heavy meals and snacks, close to bedtime since this stimulates the digestive system. Limit caffeine use later in the day. And maintain the same sleeping schedule on the weekend, which keeps your sleep cycle consistent.

What is the best sleep support supplement to buy?

Top sleep support supplement

best Dr. Mercola Sleep Support with Melatonin

Dr. Mercola Sleep Support with Melatonin

What you need to know: This is formulated with a blend of vitamins, enzymes and melatonin to calm the body and mind.

What you’ll love: Composed of melatonin and 10 supporting ingredients including niacin, vitamin B6, jujube and chamomile, these pills are designed to promote a relaxed state of mind at night and restore morning alertness. They are free of GMOs, soy and gluten.

What you should consider: Some consumers felt the natural ingredients did not enhance the effects of melatonin.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and iHerb

Top sleep support supplement for the money

best Force Factor Somnapure Melatonin and Natural Botanicals

Force Factor Somnapure Melatonin and Natural Botanicals

What you need to know: This affordable sleep supplement features natural ingredients that promote falling asleep faster.

What you’ll love: There are 3 milligrams of melatonin in each tablet. L-theanine and valerian root extract are meant to calm the mind. The supplement is designed for refreshed awakening. It is made in the United States and not habit forming.

What you should consider: The natural smell and taste are off-putting to some users.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

best Elderberry Hill Liquid Multimineral Night Time Formula

Elderberry Hill Liquid Multimineral Night Time Formula

What you need to know: This focuses on a good night’s sleep, but also promotes immunity health.

What you’ll love: This American-made supplement is packed with vitamins and minerals. The liquid formula is easy to swallow and made for better absorption.

What you should consider: The cranberry flavor is intense and may leave an aftertaste.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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