MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) — The last two months have been particularly hard on high school athletes that were looking to play at the collegiate level.

Monday, baseball players will get another shot at achieving that goal.

“My junior year, I broke my hand and I couldn’t play at all,” said Clinton pitcher and outfielder Collins Ormon. “So, this senior year was my chance and it kind of got taken away.”

Hundreds of baseball players across Mississippi are in the same predicament as Ormon.

Arrows head coach Trave Hopkins and Chris Haley the owner of Madison County Sports Zone have teamed up to give those athletes another chance with a senior showcase.

“As a coach and as a parent and as a player this is something — a lot of these kids have been years and years working up to and then it’s just over,” said Clinton head coach Trave Hopkins. “As a coach, you’re in contact with a lot coaches and stuff all the time and you know their needs. Also, I see my seniors and how bad they hurt. This is just one more opportunity whether they’re signed or not signed just to come out.”

Clinton High School has some really cool technology that’s rare for most high school programs.

“We started out with the Rapsodo pitching unit to help our pitchers to just get better movement and better pitch control and all that stuff,” Hopkins said. “We moved on and got the Rapsodo hitting unit because guys like to hit and then we stumbled across the Blast Motion sensors that go on the nob. We were able to find out that kids really enjoyed the metric side of it because they grew up with iPads and electronics. And, instead of us saying ‘hey do this because I said so,’ that actually gives true value of ‘hey this is working, this is what you need to fix’ and they’re able to shoot for a number. Some kids really grasp a hold to that.”

“It’s unbelievable, it really is,” said Madison County Sports Zone owner Chris Haley. “Now a coach can sit in his office and you can send him all of this and basically he doesn’t have to travel to look at a player.”

At the showcase, athletes will be able to track everything from their hit and pitch speeds, exit velocity, launch angle, direction, and their 40-yard-dash times.

“It gives me a little bit of hope,” Ormon said. “I think it will give a little bit of hope to a lot of people.”

The senior showcase is Monday, May 4 at the Madison County Sports Zone (213 Industrial Dr N, Madison, MS 39110).

To register, contact Trave Hopkins at