With all gyms and fitness centers being closed, it can be tough to still get the exercise you’re looking for. Fortunately, instructors in the Jackson area are using technology to ensure their clients are still able to continue working with them. 

D1 Training in Madison has developed their own app, called Train Heroic. General Manager Mike Espy emphasized the app’s priority to hold athletes accountable. “They can access it and we can give them their work outs and they can do it from home,” he said. “We can monitor if they completed the app. We put in videos and we also do Zoom work outs where we are actually working out in front of the clients. They can see us and we can see them.”

Fondren Fitness trainer Charles Word has also continued to work with his clients through the True Coach online training platform. “There is going to be a pre-uploaded video of the exercise demonstrating how to do it properly,” said Word. “What I have you do is as you are doing the work out film yourself and that way I can form check you as well.”

Yoga instructor Lauren McMillin is using the down time as an opportunity to introduce new people to yoga in a non intimidating environment.

“It’s intimidating for people who maybe know about yoga and hear the benefits of it, but they don’t necessarily want to go into a studio for the first time because they think they’re not flexible enough or they don’t want to embarrass themselves,” said McMillin. “So I think this is such an awesome way for them to try that at home, to try different styles, and then who knows after this is over they may actually want to try one of the studios.”

You can access Lauren McMillin’s videos for free on her youtube and instagram platforms @yogolfperformance.