OMAHA (WJTV) – The Ole Miss Rebels continued their run in the College World Series (CWS) in Omaha after another win on Monday, June 20. The baseball team defeated the Arkansas Razorbacks 13-5.

Fans of both teams started leaving the game by the dozens after the first few innings, because they knew Ole Miss had the game in the bag.

Ole Miss fans in Omaha said they couldn’t be any prouder of their team.

“It was like a home game. Everybody was so loud,” said one fan.

Another said, “It was awesome. Rebel fans came out in force. There were a lot of Arkansas fans. The whole crowd was awesome. It was the best crowd I’ve experienced for sure so far in Omaha. I was expecting a lot closer game, but my Rebels put it on them pretty good, so I was happy to see that. Made my life a lot more stress free.”

Several fans said they had to head back to Mississippi on Tuesday, but they might travel to Omaha again if Ole Miss makes it to the national championship game.

On Wednesday, June 22, Ole Miss will face the winner of Tuesday night’s game between Arkansas and Auburn. The Rebels have beaten both teams so far in the tournament.