When most people hear the last name Minshew they think of Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew. However, if you ask his parents who the best athlete in the family is they will say his sister Callie. Brandon alum and upcoming sophomore at Mississippi State Callie Minshew set foot in Starkville last season just hoping for some game time. Not only did she start every match her freshman year, but she was one of two bulldogs to play all 114 sets and had the most digs of any freshman in the SEC.

“I think my biggest goal was just to play and just prove all the college coaches that didn’t really want to take a chance on me wrong and prove to them that I can play in the SEC and be competitive,” said Minshew.

Central Mississippi didn’t offer elite level volleyball during a time most players were already being recruited. Minshew drove three hours to Memphis to play club volleyball in the eighth grade before an organization was started closer to home, which helped her be seen Mississippi State head coach Julie Darty.

“My recruiting process was really tough because I started really late,” said Minshew. 

“My sophomore year of high school Jenny Hazelwood came and moved to Madison and started Infinity. Her being a college coach she just knew kind of what to do and how to get our names out there, so we traveled all over the place. Darty noticed me. She called me and she took a chance of me and I knew I would love being at Mississippi State and Darty coming there was just a blessing.”

The soon to be sophomore Bulldog is back in Starkville training with her team. As Minshew heads into her second season, she reminds herself and all up and coming athletes that with passion and hard work always comes success.

“I just want them to remember me as the girl who didn’t really have everything in high school but someone who worked hard in everything, and even if things don’t really work out you just give your hardest and put all your heart into it.”