Sports Zone Saturday: Father-son duo at Mississippi College


Over at Mississippi College there are two Tony Gilberts.

New Choctaws defensive coordinator, ‘big’ Tony and his son ‘little’ Tony, who plays defensive end.

“It’s the other way around,” said Gilbert Jr.

“It’s really a blessing,” Gilbert said. “It’s a blessing to be able to coach your son and to be able to see him and go to his games. I had a daughter that played division one basketball and I got a chance to see her. I was fortunate where I was that our head coach allowed us to go games and see my daughter play. I’m seeing my son every day and so that’s nice.”

But, for a while Coach Gilbert said people didn’t associate the two.

“I think they’re still some people on the team that don’t know that’s my son,” Gilbert said. “It’s was about a year and a half at Stephen F. Austin that people didn’t realize that that was my son. Because we’ll see each other and just kind of nods. And I’m an emotional guy and he’s kind of non emotional, kind of laid back. But he’s a character though, if he gets to know you.”

12:58:31,13 “I mean to be honest, I don’t know,” said Gilbert Jr. “We kind of look a like, maybe it’s because of the hair.”

While Coach Gilbert served as the cornerbacks coach at Stephen F. Austin, Gilbert Jr. played there. He said it was a no brainer to follow his father to Clinton, Ms.

“Well I felt like it would be a better environment,” said Gilbert Jr. “I mean when I was at my old place, I didn’t feel that winning or team environment down there. So, I just came down here to see how the team would be and how they would treat each other and so far it’s pretty great.”

And, his father is bringing a new intensity to the Choctaws defense.

“Oh he’s always been intense, ever since I’ve been born, he’s been that intense.”

“I’m just being me, because I love the game and my passion for the game is fierce and if I could put that into them,” Gilbert said. “They’ll love the game like I love the game — some great things would happen.”

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