Females in football: Alexandria Trotter & Doshia Collins


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Playing football, by far, is no easy task.

But, for two female athletes in the Metro, they’re up for the challenge. One, to show they can keep up with the guys, but more importantly to show younger girls they can play, too.

“It’s a lot of girls that want to play football, that’s kind of one of the reasons, like it’s a lot of girls that want to play football they’re just waiting for a girl to get on there,” said Doshia Collins. “I thought girls couldn’t play until I asked Coach [Quentin] Euell, and he was like yeah.”

“I wanted to show other younger females that they can do whatever they want to do,” said Alexandria Trotter. “Don’t let nobody stop you and say no this is girl’s sport, this is a boy’s sport. You can do whatever you want to do. If you believe in yourself, that’s all it takes.”

Trotter is a junior defensive lineman at Holmes County Central.

“I’ve always played when I was younger, with my brothers and everything,” Trotter said. “I used to be the only girl out there playing football, trying to play at that.”

She said last year wasn’t able to play for personal reason. But this year, nothing could get in her way.

“I tried my best to get a physical, I wasn’t able to get one,” said Trotter. “So, this year I started early. Trying to get my physical. I bought my own cleats. I got a job to by my own cleats and everything. So, I said nothing is going to stop me this year. I’m going to do it.”

“I admire most about her is her courage to want to come down here because everybody knows this is pretty much a predominantly male sport,” said Holmes County Central head coach Marcus Rogers. “You have some females that feel like they can play and I’m all for it. Who am I to say that she can’t play the sport. I want to give her the opportunity. She says she wants to play, we want to give her an opportunity and we want to see out there on Friday nights.”

Over at Velma Jackson, Collins is a wide receiver for the Falcons.

“I like playing football I’ve been playing football since I was little,” Collins said. “It’s something that comes natural to me.”

And, head coach Quentin Euell said she’s already making an impact on the program.

“Well Doshia, the guys support her a lot,” Euell said. “I remember we had Meet the Falcons and I told her ‘Doshia, you’re going to get the biggest applause of anybody.’ ‘No coach, no.’ But, when I called her name the guys love her. She’s one of us.”

“At first he didn’t realize I was serious until I came to practice,” said Collins. “I played football, I was there, I came to practice and did all the stuff.”

Both Trotter and Collins said the acceptance by the team is what meant the most.

“At first they were like bring in it, brothers on three … one, two, three. Then they were like no we have to say family, we can’t say brothers no more we have to say family,” Trotter said. “And, I felt so welcomed.”

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