The following info about Hartfield football being found guilty of illegal recruiting, per the MAIS Affairs Committee meeting 8/2, has been confirmed:


– Banned from 2023 6A MAIS playoffs

– Fined $7,500

– 2 coaches banned from coaching 2023 games (can coach practice)

The minutes say Hartfield coaches were “clearly seen” speaking with parents, a student in the visitors’ stands at at basketball game at Hartfield. They say the vote for finding Hartfield guilty and imposing the sanctions passed unanimously, 9-0.

The MAIS says it has no comment on this matter at this time.

Hartfield has “already begun the process of appealing” the MAIS decision finding the Hawks guilty of illegal recruiting, the school said.

“An internal investigation including the coaches and families determined that Hartfield did not violate any rules,” Hartfield said.