Ed-itorial: Are the Saints in big trouble against AFC-best Titans? Maybe not…

Geaux Black and Gold

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — On a network broadcast last night, one announcer asked another: “How many great teams are there?”

There was a long pause.

And, I thought to myself – exactly!

The Falcons beat the Saints, the Broncos smashed the Cowboys, the Jaguars beat the Bills, the Giants beat the Raiders.

Even Sean Payton got into it Monday when he said who has a big margin for error? The Bills?


So, if you are asking me why the Saints lose to the Giants and Falcons, and beat the Packers and Bucs, my answer is.: “I have no idea.”

So, based on what we saw Sunday, the Saints losing, and the Titans smashing the Rams, you would say the Saints are in big trouble Sunday at Tennessee.

But, then again maybe not.

In the final nine games, the Saints do have an advantage.

Sean Payton – he is an experienced, winning head coach.

And in Atlanta – the Falcons appear to have found a very good coach in Arthur Smith.

Usually, in these games, the Saints can count on Atlanta to beat themselves.

They tried at the end, but they didn’t.

Atlanta isn’t very good, yet. But, they are decent.

And, in the NFL if you hang around in games, you always have a chance.

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