(WGNO) — Hey ya’ll! It’s time for what all you fantasy leaguers have been waiting for – the ‘Garbage Time’ Awards. It’s an honor so distinctive, even New Orleans entrepreneur and trash magnate Sidney Torres IV would be proud.

For those not in the know, garbage time is that glorious point in the game when the trailing team has to “go ham” to try and catch up. This is obviously super important for fantasy because there is a ton of value in good players on bad teams.

The first winner is simply whoever is still healthy on the Atlanta Falcons’ running back depth chart. I’ve never seen a coach as committed to the run in the NFL as Art Smith. Whether it’s Cordarrelle Patterson or Tyler Allgeier, the Falcons run the ball no matter the score.

Secondly, an award must also be presented to Saints rookie wide receiver Chris Olave (Ohio State). The 11th overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft has been the go-to wideout regardless of who’s under center in New Orleans.

And finally, an award goes to quarterback Justin Fields (Chicago Bears), who has passed NFC North division rival Kirk Cousins (Minnesota Vikings) as the garbage king of QBs.

The Bears seemingly gave up the on defense when they traded away star linebacker Roquan Smith, setting up a script perfect for a hungry quarterback on the rise.

Anyway, good luck moving forward with the second half of the season, and please remember to always tip your bartender.

Oliver Stevenson is a bartender at MRB located at 515 St Philip Street in New Orleans, and a two-time Gold Rush Fantasy Football League champion and co-host of ‘The USFL Show’ podcast. MRB was voted best ‘Bar Food Establishment’ by Where Y’at Magazine in 2021.