Harlem Globetrotter Chris “Animal” Hyche surprises students at Mississippi School for the Deaf


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Harlem Globetrotters star and Provine graduate Chris “Animal” Hyche, who is fluent in American Sign Language, made a surprise appearance at the Mississippi School for the Deaf Tuesday.

“We (the Globetrotters) have a huge platform,” Hyche said. “To be able to go out there and speak to these kids and be able to relate to them, talk to htem in sign language, that’s a pretty rewarding feeling for me.”

Hyche’s parents, who are deaf, attended the school.

“Today I’m just going to tell them – don’t put a cap on what your goal is,” Hyche said. “Whatever you want to do in life, whether it’s be a basketball player, lawyer, doctor, whatever, pursue your dreams and don’t worry about anything holding you back.”

Hyche and the Globetrotters will make an appearance in Jackson, January 15th at the Mississippi Coliseum.

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