SPEEDWAY, Ind. — Homes in Speedway are decked out in Indy 500 gear ahead of the big race, but one, in particular, is going for more than just looks — it’s raising money for Gleaners Food Bank. 

Brenda Hamm says once a year people come to her corner of the world for the race. So this year while visitors are here, she’s raising awareness for their “No One Runs On Empty Campaign.” 

“I get to see people from all over the country every year,” said Hamm. 

Brenda lives just around the corner from Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and she lets people park at her house for a fee on race day. 

“They always say, ‘what can we do, what can we do?’ and this year, it’s like ‘hey, I got something you can do!”   

This year, a portion of her parking fees will go towards Gleaners. She also has a bucket in her yard for donations. It shows a link on Gleaner’s website for people to donate online

“For every $5 donated, they can buy 25 meals,” Hamm said. “When I found out they had the ability to do that and help so many people.” 

She says she got the idea when she found out Marco Andretti would be driving with the Gleaners’ logo. 

“When I saw that Marco was the spokesperson and that Gleaners was going to be on the car… I mean Gleaners has helped so many people in our community and so many people are needing it now.” 

Last year, when fans weren’t allowed at the race, drivers showed up at the front door of longtime ticketholders. Both Marco and Mario Andretti paid Brenda a visit. 

“I thought, like, last year was kind of a bad year for everyone, and I was fortunate enough that the Speedway brightened my year with a driver visit so I wanted to give back.” 

Sarah Estell with Gleaners says this exposure is a great way to make people aware of their “No One Runs On Empty” campaign and help those in need. 

“What Brenda has done here is exactly the heart and spirit of the initiative,” said Estell. 

“We wanted people to understand the role that food and security plays in everyday life.” 

 If you want to donate to the campaign, click here to learn more.