JSU head tennis coach Gabby Moore says a diverse culture is part of what leads her team to success


Between both the men's and women’s team, the Tigers make up a program of 16 players from 12 different countries.

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Jackson State men’s and women’s tennis head coach Gabby Moore finds that having a diverse culture is an important part of what leads her team to success. Between both the men’s team and women’s team, the Tigers make up a tennis program of 16 players from 12 different countries.

“It is tough not being able to go across seas and see all these players so my relationships with them start pretty early in order to just get to know them and keep up with their records,” said Coach Moore. 

“I recruit a lot from youtube and a lot of emails and I think that’s what makes our team so good is just our culture here and just having a diverse team I think is really really important. What I always say is I can build a player but your character is what makes you better so that’s the most important thing to me is being a good student, being a good teammate, and a good athlete. I always joke with my kids by the time I’m gone I’ll know like nine different languages.”

Cameroon native Richy Gamo and Netherlands native Sherine Salem say that being on a diverse team is what makes their experience so special. 

“I love the diversity,” said Gamo. “You know just like meeting people from different backgrounds and from different places who have different mindsets. You get to become more open minded.”

“Oh I love it,” said Salem. “I just like that everyone is different. Everyone has their own little things that some of us think are weird or like you can just tell from being with so many people from different places that you realize how different the world is.”

While the spring season was cut short, both Gamo and Salem are eager to win a SWAC Championship and earn themselves a ring next year.

“We’ve got a ring to win,” Gamo said confidently. “You know this season we had a pretty good team so I feel like we could have done great things this season, but anyway next season we’re just going to be better and we’re going to get it.”

Salem also has confidence her team can pull off a championship winning season.

“Get that ring,” she said. “I feel like we could have done it this year, but I’m just ready to get back to practice and you know get back into the competition and hopefully we can get that ring, yeah.”

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