Madison Central alum Shaq Buchanan breaks down his transition from Murray State to the Memphis Hustle


Buchanan is using the downtime to train and spend time with his family at home in Madison.

Madison Central alum and Memphis Hustle shooting guard Shaq Buchanan is working on improving his strength and mixing up his shots from within the arc during his downtime at home in Madison. 

“Getting stronger is the main focus,” said Buchanan. “People are more athletic and being in tip top shape and studying film are key. You need to study film a lot being a pro and learn more about the different positions. I’m more of a dunker so I need to work more on floaters like lay ups.”

Buchanan helped lead the Memphis Grizzlies to their first ever NBA Summer League Championship last summer, which helped earn him a spot with the Memphis Hustle this season.

“Dusty Hannahs who played at Arkansas is one of my teammates now for the Memphis Hustle and with him being around for three years, I’ve been learning a lot from him,” he said. “He can shoot and finish a round on big guys so that helped me a lot.”

Buchanan plans to use this downtime as an opportunity to spend time with his family here in Jackson before the season starts back up again. 

“I get to spend time with my daughter as well so this is a great time to get closer with my family since I’ve been gone a lot.”

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