Olympic gold medalist and Ridgeland alum Bianca Knight was in Madison giving back to young track and field atheletes Saturday morning.

Knight, a world record holder, said she plans to give these young athletes all the resources they need to be successful in the sport.

She said the number of track and field athletes across the state is declining and she hopes with clinics like hers, that benefits both athletes and coaches, she’ll start to see that number go back up.

“I don’t know where we need to start, but I’m just trying to to get the state as a whole more interested in the kids who like track and field,” Knight said.

“Whatever I can do to help the kids prepare, I’m here to do it. I go off of feedback. And they said they needed to know what to do. So i brought in some professionals coaches and professional athletes to tell them what to do. I’m hoping that they got enough out of it to be able to fuel their programs for now and in the future.” 

Knight’s clinic featured pro track and field coach Darryl Woodson, and Olympians Sandi Morris, Mike Rodgers, and Raven Saunders.

Knight said she plans to host the event again next year.